Meet the Sisters.

Judy and Barbara,

One, slightly reserved... the other, fairly outspoken. One, a workaholic... the other, constantly asking, "Is it Friday yet?"

One with a very strong sense of business... the other, with a pretty strong sense of humor. One, has very defined goals about her future... the other, at 55, still wonders what she'll be when she grows up.

Both sisters worked at the family business (electronics manufacturing). And, while once extremely profitable, it was threatened by today's current practice of outsourcing product manufacturing and was closed down in 2017 after 40 memorable years.


In order to continue down the path of self employment, a decision had to be made. Either diversify, or relocate to some Asian city, and 'set up shop'.  After brief consideration, the choice was simple. And with that, the birth of "Tallulah Gallery".

Tallulah!! is a colorful, fun, whimsical gallery featuring products from various artists. Our goal is to carry items that are unavailable in other Salt Lake area stores, and are not readily available online. We carry art in many different media including glass, metal, wood, textile and recycled materials. Customers will find unique hats, whimsical clocks, abstract wall hangings, colorful glass designs, unusual jewelry and much more. We want you to feel like you're going to a constantly changing arts festival!